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Jenny Hope

Being in the Here and Now

Jenny is an experienced workshop facilitator in Residential Homes. Sessions can be group workshops with a theme or stimuli, or one-to-one meetings with individual residents. Sessions can be ad-hoc (best suited to group sessions) or in batches to form a residency.

Group workshops have included cup cake making with a decorating competition, snail racing, bulb planting and cheese tasting. Themes and stimuli are with the focus of being In the Moment as well as reminiscing.

Jenny has worked as a visiting poet on the In The Pink, Poetry and Dementia project through the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford. John Killick,, has been both her trainer and mentor. Itís important to note, that all poems created during these sessions have been from the participants own words. Poets never add their own words, only editing and adding form to the words of the speaker/s.

The project involved poets visiting Residential Homes, Nursing Homes and Independent Living Facilities on a ten-week placement. For more information, please visit The In The Pink page here:

In the Pink Project Feedback Poem

Feeding Back

At 93 years of age,
I have never been
the subject of a poem.
I was helped to see me.

Parts of me were being
drawn out like a thread.
A relative stranger
seeing me from the outside.

Poems have been passed
on to my children and grandchildren,
something of me,
to help me be remembered,

and will be included in
our family archive.
A completely new experience,
and very exciting.

Feedback from the residents at The Garth Nursing Home, 2014

Arranged by Jenny Hope