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Jenny Hope

Workshops can sit alongside topics being studied as part of the National Curriculum or can be
standalone. Workshops can be focussed on a particular genre or finished presentation of writing such as stories, report writing, poetry, oral story-telling and plays. Sessions can be geared towards participants writing their own individual pieces or working together to create a group piece.

Recent workshops have seen:

Live Snail Racing used as the subject matter for a report writing session. The reports varied from Snail Racing in WW2 to Space Snail Racing, with live action reporting and magazine style features. The snails have all been returned to the wild and came to no harm during the duration of the workshop.


Warming Up

Visiting the Amazon Rain Forest for a KS2 (Year 3 & 4) topic on the Amazon Rain Forest. This
involved pupils researching the flora and fauna of the Rain Forest and creating their poems in the voice/s of their subject.

The workshop provided a great opportunity to link our topic with creative writing. The fact
that poetry has very few rules, allowed all children to express themselves in their own way. The children had a great time and the workshop was well organised by Jenny. I also loved the fact that the room had been changed into a rainforest with vines hanging and rainforest sounds
being played: this allowed the children to use their senses to inspire the writing process.

Miss Lyddon (Martley CE Primary School)

It was fun when we did the rhyming with the words that we had already written. - Bethany

I liked it when we drew the pictures of the rainforest animals. – Ellie

I liked it when we wrote the poems because it was fun thinking of rhyming words. – Tilly

The teacher teaches us poems that are very good – Jacob

The theme of Families and Culture has been explored for Worcestershire County Council’s National Adoption Week at Woodfield Middle School, Redditch.

‘The students were totally engaged with the subject matter and it enabled them to really think about their life experiences and what and who is important to them'

J. Preece, Woodfield Middle School, Redditch.

It made me realise what is important to me'. Josh year 7

I love writing poems and I was so excited to win an award for my poem.  Aimee