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Jenny Hope

Write On! Writing Groups.

These creative writing groups are run and supported by Writing West Midlands who currently oversee up to twenty writing squads across the West Midlands area.  Groups are either aimed at 8-12 or 12-16 age groups.

The Worcester group started in January 2013 and is for young writers aged 8-12 and is led by myself with Ruth Stacey as assistant writer.

We meet once a month, over ten months of each academic year.  We cover a wide range of topics and writing styles with exercises and collaborative projects.  We only focus on the creative side of writing, not on spelling and grammar.  We also make sure there is personal writing time at each session.  Each session costs 5.

We were fully booked for all the sessions and enjoyed a visit to the Infirmary Museum in Worcester for the June session.  We were given a tour of the museum by curator Carol Bowsher, Carol also brought up the handling collection for us to examine.

The Squad wrote a wide range of pieces in response to our visit, nine pieces in total.  These were put on display until 30th July.

(photos by Carol Bowsher)

We start the next sessions in September 2013.  For more information please email
joanne@writingwestmidlands.org or visit their website: